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Cause For Celebration:
The Location of William Blake's Grave discovered!

Blake's Illustration from JobWilliam Blake’s last resting place is at Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, 38 City Road, London EC1Y 2BG.

The exact spot of William Blake’s grave was recently re-discovered by Luis and Carol Garrido.

Since 1965, the exact location of William Blake's grave had been lost and forgotten, while gravestones were taken away to create a new lawn. Nowadays, William Blake’s grave is commemorated by a stone that reads 'nearby lie the remains of William Blake and his wife Catherine Sophia'. This memorial stone is situated approximately 20 metres away from William Blake’s grave. The actual spot of Blake’s grave is not marked.

When the couple first visited Bunhill Fields, in London, they simply intended to pay their respects. When they found that the actual location of Blake’s grave was not known, they set out on a journey of investigation. The discovery was the result of a year’s research, and has been acknowledged by the City of London, the Blake Society, and leading Blake scholars.

The exact location of William Blake's grave is currently unmarked. It is situated on the edge of a large amenity lawn within Bunhill Fields Burial Ground.

The Friends of William Blake was formed to petition for an appropriate monument at the exact location of Blake’s grave.

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The City of London , who are the owners of Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, prepared a Conservation Management Plan in May 2006.  This plan stated, “Proposals to be considered for a new memorial at the exact burial site of William Blake”.


Following that, the Blake Society Proposal for a new grave memorial to William Blake, went before the Open Spaces Committee in July 2008, and received approval in general.