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The Blake Society proposal for marking the location of William Blake’s Grave

1. Blake’s existing memorial stone in the wrong location since 1965    2. Blake’s actual burial place to be marked with a proposed flat memorial stone  3. Proposed paving adjacent to Blake’s proposed flat memorial stone   4. Existing Plane tree   5.  An extract from a poem by Blake (“Hear the voice of the Bard!…”) to be engraved on the paving stones in very large scale and over 25 yards   6. Text for the proposed flat stone.    

Design by Lida Cardozo of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop

For additional information on this design please see below


Bunhill Fields is an historical listed building and this brings restrictions to the design of Blake's grave memorial.

William Blake's grave lies within an open lawn. There had to be some consideration to maintaining the character of the lawn as an open space. A simple flat stone design was adopted so that it does not constitute a tripping hazard to children who play on the lawn.

A memorial structure which implied laying deep foundations was out of the question so as not to disturb the existing burials.

Blake's grave lies next to a protected tree whose roots ought not to be disturbed by digging too deep into the ground next to this tree. In practice these considerations go against raising a big monument exactly on the spot of William Blake's grave.

Notwithstanding all the existing restrictions it is still possible and desirable to mark the exact location of Blake's grave with a simple flat stone on the ground at the very spot where Blake rests in peace.

The whole layout of the cemetery had to be respected, with a view to maintaining the character of the place. The planting of new trees was also ruled out, in order to harmonise and preserve the landscape of Bunhill Fields, designed in the sixties by Peter Shepheard.

The proposed design by Lida Cardozo, leader of the Kindersley workshop in Cambridge, has the support of the Blake Society and was approved in general by the Open Spaces Committee of the City of London, on the 28th July 2008. Lida Cardozo is an expert in historical grave memorials, having worked on many listed buildings before.

Bunhill Fields Burial Ground is covered by a Conservation Management Plan. Within the spirit of this plan, the Blake Society is to raise the necessary funds to mark the exact location of William Blake's grave.

The City of London will provide technical assistance through their officers, as a gesture of goodwill.

At present, the City of London is looking into planning permission considerations.