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The Friends of William Blake is an informal, independent organisation whose members share an admiration for the works of William Blake. The core aims of the group are represented in these initial mission statements:

First Aim:
To petition for an appropriate grave memorial at the exact location of William Blake’s grave.

Second aim:
Raising awareness about the work of the poet and artist William Blake and various historical sites related to Blake’s life. Seeking permissions and support from the local authorities owning these sites to be able to commemorate Blake, his life and works.

Third aim:
Creating an awareness of William Blake’s work, by providing opportunities to view his work, visit the historical sites and have discussions on a regular basis.

  • To translate the works of William Blake into leading world languages.

  • To explore the spiritual universe depicted in the works of Blake.

  • To explore the various references and styles in his work, both from the West and the East.

  • To be inspired by William Blake and to encourage creativity and interaction within a multicultural environment.
  • To use modern internet technologies to provide a communication-rich medium for free expression, based on Blake’s example of creating new art forms and printing techniques.

  • Working Together
    To a large extent the activities of the Friends of William Blake will be defined by the members themselves. Everybody is invited to share their ideas, feelings and suggestions to create a spontaneous and enriching experience. There will be many opportunities for individuals to express themselves by building websites, setting up chat groups, creating media representations, artistic contributions, translating texts, etc.

    Please do not hesitate to offer your suggestions and volunteer help.

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    History: The Formation of the Friends of William Blake

    The desire for an appropriate monument at the exact location of William Blake's Grave is at the origin of the formation of the Friends of William Blake. The Friends of William Blake was set up to petition for this cause.

    The Blake Society invited Luis and Carol to become committee members and to deliver presentations on their studies on William Blake. Meanwhile, the City of London, owners of the Burial Ground, invited them to participate in a series of talks in which the possibility of placing an appropriate monument on the exact location of Blake's Grave was discussed.